Private Label Services

Proprietary Tool Manufacturing

Trust us with your brand

Have a unique tool? Or specific color requirements? We can manufacture your proprietary tools to your exact needs and specifications. Work with a reputable North American manufacturer and get the added benefit of easy communication and an unbeatable quality guarantee!

Branded Tooling & Packaging

Get your brand noticed

Select from a wide range of our tooling and add your brand or company name. We can mark the tooling or design custom labels for the packaging helping you to promote and distinguish your name in the marketplace.

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Stand out from the crowd

In our competitive market, it is often necessary to sell unique or branded products that offer the benefit of enhancing your company's image while sidestepping head-to-head price comparisons. For over 50 years Diamond Productions has been developing specialized tools and standard tools with unique designs for major manufacturers and large distributors. We are always excited and inspired to create products and offer innovative solutions that will give our clients a marketplace advantage.

Experience Sets us Apart

Diamond Productions has developed an international reputation for quality. If you require custom or branded metal bond (sintered or vacuum brazed), resin bond or hybrid (mix of metal and resin) products, we can help you. As with every product we sell, Diamond Productions Canada guarantees and stands behind the quality and performance of all our custom and branded tools. This allows you to market and sell these products to your customer with the confidence of knowing that your image and reputation will be properly protected and enhanced.