Diamond Electroplating Services

Electroplating New Blanks

New Steel Blanks or Preforms

We offer diamond and borazon electroplating services for steel blanks or preforms from very small routers to large complex wheels and blades up to 32" (800mm).  We Send us your steel blanks or preforms and we will vacuum braze the tool to your specifications. We can accommodate tools of up to 12" in diameter. We braze from 16 grit up to 600 grit.

Strip & Re-Plating Service

Refurbish used or damaged tools

Save up to 25%! Complex electroplated tools can often be refurbished at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Used wheels are stripped, cleaned and re-plated greatly extending the life of complex and expensive specialized tools.

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Diamond electroplated cutting blades

Locally Manufactured Since 1995

We have been manufacturing electroplated tools in our North American facility for over 20 years. With recent equipment and capacity upgrades, we continually strive to produce a high quality diamond electroplated product at competitive prices while meeting your exact specifications.

Borazon electroplated grinding wheel

Large Diameters and Wide Grit Range

Diamond electroplating has its own set of very unique challenges. Our platers have years of knowledge and experience to push the limits of the technology and process. The result is we can offer a wide range of grits from 16 up to 600, not always offered by other facilities. Our extra large tanks can accommodate tools up to 32" (800mm) in diameter.

Diamond electroplated routers

Wide Range of Applications

Diamond electroplated tools have a highly concentrated single layer of exposed diamond on the working surface making these tools very direct and aggressive. Diamond electroplated tools are ideal for cutting and grinding applications where other tools just simply won't match up.

Diamond electroplated excalibur grinding sheets

Unique Materials

Plastics, composites, rubbers and fibreglass are only a few of the more complex materials well suited for diamond electroplated tools.

Stainless steel
Ductile iron
Cast iron
Hard friction alloys
Precast concrete


The Basics: Electroplating & Vacuum Brazing

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Custom Diamond Electroplated Tool Gallery

Below is a small sample of the custom tools that we have manufactured over the years.