Polar Standard - 2 Segments

  • Great balance between cost and performance
  • Achieve maximum square footage at a minimum cost
  • This grinding plate is effective, efficient and the product of choice
  • The double rectangular segments remove adhesives, coatings and lippage
  • Takes the floor from coarsely structured surface to pre-polish

GPM2S016Polar Magnetic SystemSoft16
GPM2S025Polar Magnetic SystemSoft25
GPM2S040Polar Magnetic SystemSoft40
GPM2S080Polar Magnetic SystemSoft80
GPM2S150Polar Magnetic SystemSoft150
GPM2M016Polar Magnetic SystemMedium16
GPM2M025Polar Magnetic SystemMedium25
GPM2M040Polar Magnetic SystemMedium40
GPM2M080Polar Magnetic SystemMedium80
GPM2M150Polar Magnetic SystemMedium150
GPM2H016Polar Magnetic SystemHard16
GPM2H025Polar Magnetic SystemHard25
GPM2H040Polar Magnetic SystemHard40
GPM2H080Polar Magnetic SystemHard80
GPM2H150Polar Magnetic SystemHard150
GP2S0163-Hole SystemSoft16
GP2S0253-Hole SystemSoft25
GP2S0403-Hole SystemSoft40
GP2S0803-Hole SystemSoft80
GP2S1503-Hole SystemSoft150
GP2M0163-Hole SystemMedium16
GP2M0253-Hole SystemMedium25
GP2M0403-Hole SystemMedium40
GP2M0803-Hole SystemMedium80
GP2M1503-Hole SystemMedium150
GP2H0163-Hole SystemHard16
GP2H0253-Hole SystemHard25
GP2H0403-Hole SystemHard40
GP2H0803-Hole SystemHard80
GP2H1503-Hole SystemHard150

Concrete Floor Machine
Concrete , Terrazzo
Wet , Dry

2016 Top Diamond Tools for Concrete

2016 Top Diamond Tools for Concrete

The data has been analyzed and the results are in.  2016 was a great year in concrete with a host of new products for floor preparation, polishing and finishing.  Our top 5 diamond tools for concrete are no surprise, but #5 is impressive!

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