Diamond Vacuum Brazing Services

Vacuum Brazing New Blanks

New Steel Blanks or Preforms

Send us your steel blanks or preforms and we will vacuum braze the tool to your specifications. We can accommodate tools of up to 12" in diameter. We braze from 16 grit up to 600 git.

Strip & Re-Brazing Service

Refurbish used or damaged tools

Save up to 25%! Replacing complex wheels or very large cores can be costly and have long lead times. Often it's far less expensive to have old wheels stripped and re-coated. Our clients save an average of 25% with our stripping and re-coating services greatly extending the life of complex and expensive specialized tools.

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Tool Request
Diamond vacuum brazed routers, drills and wheels.

Locally Manufactured Since 2003

We are very proud to offer full vacuum brazing capabilities right here in North America. Our Vacuum Brazing department remains on the cutting edge of technology by developing new processes, trying new formulations and pushing the limits of the tooling and the oven to produce some of the most advanced diamond tools in the market.

Diamond vacuum brazed grinding wheel in 16 grit and 200 grit

Aggressive Fully Exposed Diamond

Vacuum brazing is a single layer of fully exposed diamond grit fused with nickel at extremely high temperatures. Vacuum brazed tools have a very high concentration of diamond grit making it very direct and aggressive. Vacuum brazed tools remove material with little effort. We manufacture tools from 16 through to 400 grit.

Diamond vacuum brazed wheel routers

Endless Applications

Vacuum brazed products have an expansive list of possible applications. In addition to being direct and aggressive, the vacuum brazing process can accommodate extremely complex shapes and forms not possible with other diamond processes. These tools can also be used wet or dry adding to their versatility. With such vast possibilities, the applications and materials are endless. Our products are used in a wide variety of industries from metal working, composites and automotive sectors.

Diamond vacuum brazed blade cutting through steel sheet

Multitude of Materials

From natural stones to stainless steel, our diamond vacuum brazed tools have been put to the test on a multitude of materials. Our customers are continuously putting these hardworking tools to the test. Below is only a short list of materials that our tools can cut, grind and shape.

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Ductile iron
Cast iron
Hard friction alloys
Engineered stone
Precast concrete


Full Face Cuts Spring Steel Video

Full Face Cuts Spring Steel Video

Custom Vacuum Brazed Tool Gallery

Below is a small sample of the custom tools that we have manufactured over the years.

Custom Diamond Tooling Services

3D Drawings & Rendering

Visualize your designs

We have qualified and experienced engineers on staff to help you conceptualize your design. We offer 3D drawing services as well as engineering drawings to make your designs a reality.

Tool Prototyping

North American R&D Facility

Before embarking on the manufacturing process, our local research and development team can produce working prototypes to test and validate the design. This is a unique service that very few diamond tooling manufacturers can offer.

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Tool Request

We have extensive experience in a broad cross-section of industries. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured an array of highly specialized standard and custom products to cater to industry specific needs. Below is only a small sample of the vast array of custom tools in our repertoire.

Please feel free to contact us online or toll-free at (800) 342-2523 in North America and (514) 735-9131 international to discuss your unique application.

  • Natural stone, including marble, granite, limestone and slate.
  • Engineered stone, including terrazzo and other man-made materials.
  • Concrete, Construction & Precast Concrete
  • Composites, including plastics, rubbers, carbon fiber and fiberglass.
  • Electronics
  • Automotive and automotive aftermarket, including engine manufacturing and brake repair.
  • Aerospace
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Artisan and sculpting professions
  • Glass
  • Jewellery
  • Pulp and paper