Vacuum Brazed Tools Replace Abrasive Wheels CONCRETE | 8 MIN READ Our clients continue to push the limits of our diamond tools often discovering new uses and applications along the way.  This is especially true for our clients in the industrial and manufacturing sector.  Our diamond tools are put to the maximum test on a variety of manufacturing processes and on a multitude of materials. Our Sword Disc, Full Face Disc and Sec Discs were originally conceived as stone fabrication tools, but have recently gained popularity as alternatives to traditional abrasive wheels.  These vacuum brazed discs are being used for: Weld cleanup and removal Stock removal Cutting & bevelling The next generation of metal working uses vacuum brazed diamond tools because: They outlast traditional abrasive wheels by a factor of 50 to 1 Over time, the wear doesn't change the size or shape of the tool Less sparks Less debris Less odour Much more cost effective due to minimal tool charge In addition to great added value, these vacuum brazed tools can be used on a wide variety of materials: Carbon steel (high and low) Stainless steel Ductile iron Hard friction alloys Weld removal Plastics, FRP, PVC Bar and tube steel Rail track Below is a quick review of the tools, their characteristics and uses. Sword Disc   Full Face Disc   Sec Disc                                     Characteristics: Thick 1/4" (6mm) steel body Double sided 1" diamond wrap Aressive turbo design 5/8-11 aluminum flange included!        Characteristics: Thin and lightweight 3/32"(2.3mm) steel body Double sided 1" continuousdiamond wrap 5/8-11 aluminum flange included!        Characteristics: Curved and lightweight 1/16"(1.6mm) steel body 5/8-11 aluminum flange included! Ideal for heavier applications such as: Weld cleanup Stock removal Bevelling   Ideal for finer cutting of materials such as: Steel Stainless steel Bolts Non-ferrous metals All plastics Composites (Carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc...)    Ideal for shape grinding: Round shaping Weld cleanup Stock removal Bevelling Don't Forget To Share!