2016 Top Diamond Tools for Concrete



floordisc tens 220

Ten S Polar Grinding Disc

It's no surprise that the ever popular Ten S floor grinding disc tops the list as the best selling product of 2016! This powerhouse diamond tool get's the job done leaving a subtle scratch pattern while outlasting competitive products. If you haven't run this tool, we think you should.


SPIRAL CONCRETE 4eb4345c9e3ef

Spiral Concrete Polishing Pad

The Spiral Concrete is one of our top selling resin pads.   This popular concrete resin pad has a unique formulation that leaves a high quality polish.  The thicker segments are ideal for heavy machines and the radial edge handles anomalies in the floor.


POLAR STANDARD 4eb44035e81c7

Polar Standard Grinding Plate

Diamond segmented plates are a standard for anyone polishing or refurbishing concrete floors.  The standard 2 segment plate is a must-have in your arsenal of tools.  If you're still running the 3-holes, we think you should try the quick and easy Polar Magnetic System.  Call us today to see how easy and low-cost it is to switch!


Superior Concret 4ed7cab38bd46

Superior Polishing Pad

Works on concrete and terrazzo.  Thickest product, bevel rides over, big segments with enough water channels.  Very popular across many customers.  Good for heavy machines, dense resins for all machines.  Most universal.


floordisc fives plat

Five S Platinum Polar Grinding Disc

Why is it so impressive that the Five S Platinum be in our top five?  Well, this product was only launched in 2016!  In a few short months, this tool surpased many of our long standing products.  We think we have a winner!  The high diamond concentration cuts the floor faster while leaving a consistent scratch pattern.  A good foundation is the key to any polished concrete floor.