Hammer Pad Product Sheet
2016 Top Diamond Tools for Concrete

The data has been analyzed and the results are in.  2016 was a great year in concrete with a host of new products for floor preparation, polishing and finishing.  Our top 5 diamond tools for concrete are no surprise, but #5 is impressive!

The final instalment of our review of diamond bonds will cover the process of electroplating and vacuum brazing.  While these two methods have some basic similarities, this article really dives into what makes them vastly different.  We’ve noticed that many use electroplating and vacuum brazing interchangeably and are symptomatic of a fundamental misunderstanding of the basic process of both methods.

Learn how diamond sintered and diamond segmented tools fundamentally work.  Learn the basics about the manufacturing process, the mechanics, choosing the right tool and troubleshooting issues. 

We continue our series on The Basics with an in-depth review of the different resin bond types typically used in diamond resin polishing pads.

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